Faculty: Individuals circa 1950-1989

  • CDI-01-3520: (Left) Dr. Randall Lolley, (Middle) Dr. Robert Dale, and (Right) Dr. Albert Meiburg; CDI-01-3521: Professor Dr. Ben Philbeck, professor of Old Testament; CDI-01-3522: Dr. John W. Eddins Jr., This photograph was taken between circa 1971 and 1975; CDI-01-3523: Dr. Michael Hawn; CDI-01-3524: Dr. James T. Tull, This photograph was first featured in the August 1955 bulletin (Outlook); CDI-01-3525: Dr. Benjamin C. Fisher 1938; Choirs and Children, This photograph was featured in the September 1954 Bulletin (Outlook); CDI-01-3526: Music Department, H. Max Smith; CDI-01-3527: Faculty of Missions, Dr. John Burder Hipps, This photograph was featured in the 1954 Outlook (Bulletin); CDI-01-3528: Professor of Old Testament and Hebrew, Dr. B. Elmo Scoggin; CDI-01-3529: Archaeology professor Dr. Marc Lovelace speaking at Fellowship Club; CDI-01-3530: Dr. John Burder Hipps; CDI-01-3531: Librarian and faculty Edwin Osburn; CDI-01-3532: Dr. John Steeley and Dr. Randall Lolley; CDI-01-3533: Dr. Albert L. Meiburg; CDI-01-3534: Dr. John Durham, May 1974; CDI-01-3535: Dr. John Durham, May 1974; CDI-01-3536: Faculty Concert, Dr. Jim Good and Dr. Michael Hawn, Music; CDI-01-3537/3538: Pastor's Seminar, Dr. Clyde Fant; CDI-01-3539: Dr. Clyde Fant addresses Pastor's Seminar; CDI-01-3540: Dr. Morris Ashcraft; CDI-01-3541: Dr. Morris Ashcraft; CDI-01-3542: Visiting Professor Dr. A. C. Reid, Professor of Wake Forest College and University; CDI-01-3543: Professor of Counseling Dr. Dwight Cumbee; CDI-01-3544: Dr. James Blackmore; CDI-01-3545: Professor of Church History, Dr. Thomas Halbrooks; CDI-01-3546: Dr. Johnson Muse; CDI-01-3547: Associate Professor of Christian Ethics, Dr. T. Furman Hewitt; CDI-01-3548: Professor Dr. John Durham; CDI-01-3549: Dr. Archie Nations, Professor of New Testament; CDI-01-3550: Professor Dr. William Clemmons, CDI-01-3551: Professor Dr. Donald Cook, Professor of New Testament; CDI-01-3552: Fred Sandusky, Dr. Thomas Graves, and (Far right) Jerry Niswonger, Assistant to the President and Student Development; CDI-01-3553: Dr. Thomas McKibbens, Professor of New Testament, This photograph was possibly taken circa 1984; CDI-01-3554: Dr. Samuel Balentine, Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament, This photograph was possibly taken circa 1983; CDI-01-3555: Dr. Furman T. Hewitt; CDI-01-3556: Dr. George Braswell; CDI-01-3557: Fred Sandusky, Registrar; CDI-01-3558: Dr. Donald Cook, Professor of New Testament; CDI-01-3559: Professor Dr. Elmo Scoggin; CDI-01-3560: Dr. James Blackmore; CDI-01-3561: Ben Fisher; CDI-01-3562: Dr. Elmo Scoggin, March 1971; CDI-01-3563: Dr. John Eddins, February 1972; CDI-01-3564: Dr. James Leo Green; CDI-01-3565: Professor Dr. Jerry Stubblefield; CDI-01-3566: H. Max Smith; CDI-01-3567: Dr. A. C. Reid; CDI-01-3568: Dr. Garland Hendricks and his new book published in 1965; CDI-01-3569: Dr. Robert Poerschke; CDI-01-3570: Dr. Stewart A. Newman, Professor of Theology and Philosophy; CDI-01-3571: Dr. James Leo Green, on a Preaching Mission; CDI-01-3572: Dr. Ben Philbeck, Professor of Hebrews and Old Testament; CDI-01-3573: Archeological Dig, Dr. Ben Philbeck; CDI-01-3574: Dr. Andrew Lester; CDI-01-3575: Dr. Gene Owens on Rhine Steamer; CDI-01-3576: Dr. John Durham and his daughter Gwynne Durham, July 1970; CDI-01-3577: Dr. Robert T. Daniel, Professor of Old Testament Interpretation; CDI-01-3578: Dr. Denton Coker; CDI-01-3579: Librarian Edwin Osburn, This photograph is featured in the 1954 Bulletin (Outlook); CDI-01-3580: Dr. John W. Carlton; CDI-01-3581: Dr. Charles Dorman, This photograph was taken by photographer Heulon Stewart Dean of Fuquay-Varina North Carolina; CDI-01-3582: Dean Dr. Russ Bush and Dr. Glenn T. Miller, Professor of Church History. This photograph was featured in the winter 1991 Outlook; CDI-01-3583: Dr. Elmo Scoggin; CDI-01-3584: Dr. James Blackmore; CDI-01-3585: Dr. E. Luther Copeland addressing the Baptist World Congress in Tokyo.; CDI-01-3586: Dr. Raymond Bryan Brown, a new faculty member at the time of this photograph.; CDI-01-3587: Dr. Thorwald Lorenzen; CDI-01-3588: Dr. J. Colin Harris; CDI-01-3589: Dr. Elmo Scoggin; CDI-01-3590: Dr. Archie Nations, a visiting professor at the time of this photograph.; CDI-01-3591: Dr. James Blackmore and Jerry Niswonger, This photograph was taken circa 1973.; CDI-01-3592: Dr. James T. Tull; CDI-01-3593: H. Max Smith; CDI-01-3594: H. Max Smith, faculty; CDI-01-3595: Dr. Archie Nations; CDI-01-3596: Dr. Olin T. Binkley; CDI-01-3597: Edwin Osburn, Librarian; CDI-01-3598: Dr. Robert Culpepper, Professor of New Testament; CDI-01-3599: Dr. James Leo Green; CDI-01-3600: Professor Dr. Garland Hendricks; CDI-01-3601: Ben Fisher
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  • 1950 to 1991
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