Stealey Hall circa 1940-1995

  • CDI-01-1906: Library Employees (Left to right) Ed Sansbury, Teresa Stratton, Lynn Baker, Spring 1988; CDI-01-1907: 1987; CDI-01-1908: Stealey Spire, This photograph was featured in the 1988 - 1989 directory; CDI-01-1911: Stealey Hall, Christmas Card, 1974; CDI-01-1912: Administration building; CDI-01-1913: Appleby building; CDI-01-1917: Stealey Hall Administration building; CDI-01-1918: Stealey Hall Administration building; CDI-01-1935: Installing new copier; CDI-01-1937: Installing new copier; CDI-01-1938: Installing new copier; CDI-01-1940: Campus scene; CDI-01-1941: Stealey Hall Administration building; CDI-01-1942: Stealey Hall Administration building; CDI-01-1943: Stealey Hall Administration building; CDI-01-1945: Stealey Hall Administration building, side view; CDI-01-1949: Snow scenes; CDI-01-1950: Stealey Hall Administration building; CDI-01-1951: Campus scenes; CDI-01-1952: Administration Building , Old Wait Hall at Wake Forest College, The administration building is the "nerve center of campus life and contains administrative and faculty offices."; CDI-01-1953: Administration building, Wait Hall, "This building, which has been utilized by the college for classrooms and administration, will be given entirely to administrative and faculty offices."; CDI-01-1954: Stealey Hall Administration building; CDI-01-1955: S.L. Stealey Hall Administration Building; CDI-01-1957: Library; CDI-01-1958: "Wake Forest College will become Southeastern's Administration Building when taken over by seminary."; This photograph was possibly taken sometime in the early 1950's.
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  • CDI-01-1901/1958
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  • 1940 to 1995
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    Communication Department Images - Series 1, Archives and Special Collections, Library at Southeastern, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC.
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