SEBTS Chapel - Max Eller October 13, 1965

  • The service begins with the reading of Isaiah 40:31 (00:00-00:18), followed by instrumental music (00:19-02:00). An opening prayer is offered to God (02:10-04:38). An introduction is given for the Reverend Max Eller. He was a Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy Chaplaincy. He graduated from Wake Forest College and SEBTS in 1956, and he began his chaplaincy in 1958. Before this, he served as a pastor in North Carolina (04:39-05:31). He begins with general thanks for the opportunity to speak and then reads Matthew 10:1, 5-8 (05:32-07:29). His message centers on the following two aspects which he considers to be most important in the ministry of the gospel: the proclamation of the gospel of Jesus and the compassionate ministry which we must carry out as we proclaim that ministry in the world (07:30-07:52). He transitions into a story about Count Zinzendorf’s prayerful reflections on the work of Christ and the response we will have for Christ as a result (07:53-09:25), and he uses that story to recapture his previous two aspects of gospel ministry (09:26-12:24) and place an emphasis on the cross of Christ in gospel ministry (12:25-15:22). Considering what we will do for Christ in response to His death on the cross for us, Max Eller quotes Matthew 28:19 and the opening passage from Matthew 10, going on to place the question in specific relevant contexts around the world (15:23-22:41). He then closes with prayer (22:42-23:11), and the service ends with singing (23:12-24:00). The last minute of the audio is silent (24:01-25:04).
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  • October 13, 1965
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