SEBTS Conference - Quentin Lockwood November 2, 1982

  • This message was part of the Ministry with the Small Rural Church Workshop. Quentin Lockwood was Director of the Rural Missions Department of the Home Mission Board. The conference begins with Lockwood introducing himself, and he gives the title of his lecture, “The Call of the Small” (00:00-00:48). Lockwood begins his lecture with the subject of calling, and he reminds the audience that the call of God comes to people regardless of location or size of service (00:49-05:45). Lockwood moves the subject of “small,” and he lays out the demographic numbers of Southern Baptist churches across America (05:46-09:30). Lockwood gives six factors on the size of churches, and the first is knowing everyone in the congregation, the second is the relationships among members, the third is the transiency of pastors, the fourth is financial resources, the fifth is the pastor’s workload, and the sixth is congregational leadership (09:31-20:35). Lockwood speaks about the many advantages of being a small church pastor throughout the rest of his lecture (20:36-47:05).
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  • November 2, 1982
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