Conference: Religious Education 1981-1985

  • CDI-01-3153: 1982; CDI-01-3154: 1982; CDI-01-3155: 1982; CDI-01-3156: 1982; CDI-01-3157: Curriculum Workshop sponsored by the Baptist Sunday School Board, J. Pile, May 1982; CDI-01-3158: (Right) Professor Dr. Tom Graves, 1982; CDI-01-3159: Findley B. Edge, Spring Conference, March 1982; CDI-01-3160: 1981; CDI-01-3161: (Left) Bruce Powers and (Right) Dr. Robert Poerschke, 1981; CDI-01-3162: (Second from left) Bruce Powers, 1981; CDI-01-3163: (Second from right) Dr. Randall Lolley and (Far right) Dr. Robert Poerschke; CDI-01-3164: (Left) Bruce Powers and (Right) Dr. Randall Lolley, 1981; CDI-01-3165: (Left) Dr. Randall Lolley and (Right) Lloyd Elder, Spring Conference, March 1985; CDI-01-3166: (Standing) Bruce Powers, Spring Conference, March 1985; CDI-01-3167: (At computer) Dr. Robert Poerschke, Spring Conference, March 1985; CDI-01-3168: "Lloyd Elder, President of the Baptist Sunday School Board, speaks in a student dialogue." Spring Conference, March 21, 1985; CDI-01-3169: (Seated at table) Lloyd Elder, President of the Sunday School Board, Spring Conference, March 1985; CI-01-3170: Dr. Randall Lolley at Spring Conference exhibit, March 1985; CDI-01-3171: "Baptist Sunday School Board President Lloyd Elder talks with 2nd year M.Div student Bob Talley during dialogue with students." Spring Conference, March 21, 1985; CDI-01-3172: 1984; CDI-01-3174: (Second from right) Lou Lolley, 1984
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  • CDI-01-3153/3174
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  • 1981 to 1985
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