SEBTS Chapel - Janice Odom Patty April 6, 1983

  • At the time of the recording, Janice Odom Patty was a Middler MDiv student at Southeastern. The speaker, Janice Patty, is introduced (0:00-0:42). A prayer is led (0:42-3:30). The choir leads in song (3:30-5:13). Ms. Patty begins and reads from Jeremiah 32:1-15 (5:13-8:51). She relates the challenges of the Israelites and the prophets with the challenges of modern times and the possibility of hope (8:51-12:57). She speaks of the hope of the prophets who focused on the promises of God and how people need to be dreamers who hope (12:57-14:25). She discusses the differences between realism and idealism and how an idealist finds ways to see good and hope (14:25-15:33). Finally, she says that those idealists must put their dreams into action and that hope empowers people to act even in struggles (15:33-21:53). Scripture is read to close chapel (21:53-22:21).
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  • April 6, 1983
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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