SEBTS Spring Conference - William Randall Lolley March 22, 1983

  • William Randall Lolley was the third president of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. Chapel opens in prayer (0:00-0:38). The Spring Conference is introduced and speakers and visitors on campus for the conference are introduced (0:38-5:55). Scripture is read from Galatians 3:28 and 1 Corinthians 12:12-13 (5:55-7:02). Undecipherable music (7:02-9:32). Dr. Lolley reads Matthew 16:18 and discusses the meaning of the words “my church,” saying that you have to grow the people in the church in order to grow the church (9:32-13:49). He says there are three general types of Baptist churches: those who belong to the people, to the pastor, or to God (13:49-17:09). He asks the audience which type of church they want to be, and he concludes by encouraging them to be a church that belongs to God and stating that the Spring Conference is focus on growing the people so the church will grow (17:09-19:21). Chapel is closed in prayer (19:21-20:17).
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  • March 22, 1983
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