SEBTS Commencement - Thomas Downing May 13, 1983

  • Thomas Downing was a pastor, including pastor of University Baptist Church in Chapel Hill. The service opens in prayer (0:00-3:10). Scripture is read aloud from Genesis 4:1-12 (3:10-6:10). A prayer is led (6:10-8:10). Dr. Lolley introduces the commencement sermon (8:10-10:28). A student presents a check to go toward the construction of a prayer garden from the graduating class (10:28-11:00). Dr. Lolley reflects on the graduates’ gift and announces that the presentation of awards will begin (11:00-13:22). Dr. Ashcraft presents academic awards and Dr. Lolley congratulates the recipients (13:22-20:05). Dr. Lolley introduces the commencement sermon speaker, Dr. Thomas Downing (20:05-22:08). Dr. Downing begins his address with prayer (22:08-22:44). His message focuses on grace and how one can still know that grace even when experiencing the challenges of life (22:44-44:10). He concludes by stating that the hope in the land of Nod, instead of Eden, is the gospel (42:00-44:10). Dr. Downing closes his message in prayer (44:10-44:45). The service is then closed in prayer (44:45-46:27).
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  • May 13, 1983
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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