SEBTS Chapel - Alton Hood September 23, 1965

  • Alton Hood, MD, was a missionary volunteer to Thailand, and this address was presented during the Student Coordinating Council chapel. An opening Scripture reading of Psalm 67:1-3 precedes an opening prayer (00:51-02:08) A brief time of worship in song occurs (02:09-07:53). An introduction was given for Hood as a native of North Carolina who received his Doctor of Medicine degree from the University of Tennessee and served in Washington state among Native Americans for two years (07:54-08:59). Another brief time of worship in song occurs (09:00-12:46). Alton Hood opens his message in prayer (12:59-13:38). He stresses that he will not present a formal academic paper; rather, he desires to share his own life of ministry to encourage his listeners (13:39-16:42). Strikingly, he mentions that they are not going to Thailand primarily to share the Gospel with medicine or because of Christ's command; instead, he grounds his reason for going in the direction he has (the call he was given) to go from the Holy Spirit (16:43-19:43). He believes that every act of healing is divine, and that work for the Lord either here or there is equally meaningful (19:44-20:50). Dr. Hood emphasizes two certain truths: he knows where he is going, and he knows that all will be well for him along the way, because of Romans 8:28 (20:51-25:22). He talks concisely about the relationships between worry and faith, worry and concern, and worry and prayer (25:23-27:23). He closes with a quote from Jim Elliot: "He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose" (27:24-27:55). In his closing prayer, he thanks God for those who have equipped the saints and asks for blessing from God for the work ahead in God's mission (27:56-28:26). The first stanza of the hymn “Ye Servants of God, Your Master Proclaim” closes the sermon (28:27-29:08).
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