Student: Groups 1980-1989

  • CDI-01-3371: Halloween, October 1980; CDI-01-3373: Halloween, October 1980; CDI-01-3375: Halloween, October 1980; CDI-01-3376: Evangelism Academy, 1980; CDI-01-3381: August 1981; CDI-01-3382: August 1981; CDI-01-3383: August 1981; CDI-01-3384: August 1981; CDI-01-3385: August 1981; CDI-01-3386: August 1981; CDI-01-3387: Student Flea Market, Fall 1981; CDI-01-3391: Flea Market, September 1981; CDI-01-3392: September 1981; CDI-01-3394: Student Council Event, Wrestling Match, 1986; CDI-01-3395: 1987; CDI-01-3396: 1987; CDI-01-3398: Master of Arts in Christian Education program, 1980; CDI-01-3399: "Norman Burnes, right, candidate consultant with the Foreign Mission Board, was on campus recently to talk with overseas missions volunteers", October 1981; CDI-01-3400: (Right) Dr. Malcolm Tolbert; CDI-01-3401: (Center) John Archibald; CDI-01-3402: December 1981; CDI-01-3403: "Representatives from several state conventions were on campus recently to talk with students about ministry opportunities. They were, left to right, Jack Lowdnes of New York, William Harbin of Tennessee, James Massey of Virginia, and Charles Rabon of South Carolina. Ethel Lee, right, is associate director, Student-Field Ministries at Southeastern."; CDI-01-3404: Watermelon Social, July 1989; CDI-01-3405: (Left to right) April Baker, Jim Baucom, and Ken Gray, March 1988 Trustee Meeting; CDI-01-3406: 3-88 Trustee Meeting; CDI-01-3407: October 1987; CDI-01-3408: October 1987; CDI-01-3409: October 1987; CDI-01-3410: (Speaking) Dr. Dick Hester, October 1987; CDI-01-3411: Appreciation to faculty: Neil Jones, President Dr. Randall Lolley & Dean Morris Ashcraft, 1985; CDI-01-3412: Wake Forest University 150th Anniversary, 1984; CDI-01-3417: (Left) Librarian Gene McLeod; CDI-01-3419: (Middle) John Steely and (Right) Dr. Carroll Trotter; CDI-01-3422: Wake Forest University 150th Anniversary, 1984; CDI-01-3424: State Executive and Education, 1983; CDI-01-3425: 10-82, Gong Show, October 1982; CDI-01-3426: Gong Show performance by Gerald Worrell, October 1982; CDI-01-3427: October 1982; CDI-01-3428: 1982; CDI-01-3429: Gong Show, October 1982; CDI-01-3430: 1982; CDI-01-3435: 1982; CDI-01-3436: October 1982; CDI-01-3437: Associates of Divinity, 1982; CDI-01-3438: September 1982; CDI-01-3439: Forum, 1982; CDI-01-3440: Forum, 1982; CDI-01-3441: Missions Education Council, 1981; CDI-01-3442: Ronnie the Rhino, November 1981; CDI-01-3443: December 1981; CDI-01-3444: December 1981; CDI-01-3445: December 1981; CDI-01-3446: Student Deborah Van Swol, 1981
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  • 1980 to 1989
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