SEBTS Chapel - Raymond Bryan Brown September 19, 1969

  • The service begins with the reading of Psalm 130:6-7 (00:00-00:34), prayer (00:35-02:40), and a brief responsive reading (02:41-03:06). There was no introduction for Raymond Bryan Brown, but he was the Academic Dean of SEBTS and Professor of New Testament Interpretation. His sermon text centers on the freedom which Christians have in Christ, from Galatians 5:1 (03:07-06:23). Even though we as humans have the tendency to desire to show our mastery over certain areas of life, if freedom were up to us, it would never come at all. Freedom must not come from us, but it must come to us from Another (06:24-07:21). While we do not enjoy agreeing with the truth that we are not able to save, and while we admit an inward bend to roam away from the Living God, we must confess that we are truly free when we live by faith and love and are bound to Christ in dependence and obedience (07:22-14:49). There is a brief period of silence (14:50-15:24) before Brown ends his time in prayer (15:25-15:49).
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  • September 19, 1969
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