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  • Dr. Keith Parks was President of the Foreign Mission Board (FMB), now known as the International Mission Board (IMB). The interview begins with Parks speaking on the process of getting to know the missionaries during his time as president, and he emphasizes the importance of the local churches and cooperation for missions (0:00:0-0:12:01). Parks briefly talks about the impact of his ecclesiology class at Southwestern, and he opens up on his thoughts about the changes that happened in the Southern Baptist Convention in the 1980s that led to his resignation as President of the FMB (0:12:02-0:24:44). Parks gives his definition of missions as the church reaching beyond itself, and he stresses the importance of being ecumenical and having diversity of thought in the denomination (0:24:45-0:35:06). Parks criticizes the decisions and the appointments made to the FMB and the seminaries during the Conservative Resurgence which led him to resign, and he speaks about certain colleagues who the trustees of the convention saw as liberal (0:35:07-0:51:49). Parks briefly speaks on Paige Patterson’s contribution to the FMB, but he also speaks openly about Patterson’s desire to see him resign as President of the FMB (0:51:50-1:03:40). Parks gives his list of basic Baptist beliefs, and he opposes the idea of inherency as a one of the basic beliefs, along with creedalism (1:03:41-1:06:50). Parks believes there must be a theological bedrock for missions alongside a gifting and calling, and he believes that the centrality and love of Christ should be the drive of a missionary (1:06:51-1:13:40). Parks gives further criticism of the doctrine of inherency, but he does believe that Jesus, unlike the Scriptures, was without flaw (1:13:41-1:19:55).
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