Southeastern Staff circa 1970-1994

  • CDI-01-3955: Betty E. Weathers, staff; CDI-01-3956: Dr. James Moseley; CDI-01-3957: D. W. Lee; CDI-01-3958: Roy Watkins; CDI-01-3959: Odell Young; CDI-01-3960: Louise Wood, staff; CDI-01-3961: Jesse J. Rum; CDI-01-3962: Evelyn Carter; CDI-01-3963: Tessie Moody; CDI-01-3964: Virginia Lucas; CDI-01-3965: Eugene Lucas; CDI-01-3966: Will Perry; CDI-01-3967: Fred Peppers; CDI-01-3968: Royster Winston; CDI-01-3969: Hillary Medlin, Clarence Pearce, O.L. Cross, and Cathy Pierce; CDI-01-3970: (Left) O.L. Cross and Grace Dean; CDI-01-3971: Hillary Medlin and Clarence Pearce of Buildings and Grounds, Physical Plant; CDI-01-3972: Dr. John Durham and Carolyn Bailey, This photograph was taken circa 1976; CDI-01-3973: (Second from left) Zenetta B. Regan; CDI-01-3974: (Wearing overalls) Johnny Lowery and (Third from right) Luther Alford, Jr.; CDI-01-3975: Carl "Woody" Catoe; CDI-01-3976: Barbara Humble Morrow; CDI-01-3977: (Right to left ) Fred Sandusky, Beth McLeod, Dr. Albert Meiburg, David Lee, and Lyman Franklin; CDI-01-3978: (Left) Paul Fletcher, Dr. Randall Lolley, and Jim McManus; CDI-01-3979: Anna Holden; CDI-01-3980: (Seated) Dr. Garland Hendricks, (Standing, from left to right) William Kenneth Bailey, Dr. Robert Richardson Jr., and Lydia Renn; CDI-01-3981: (Left) Carolyn Bailey and (Right) Debbie Hill, This photograph is featured on the 1985-1986 directory cover; CDI-01-3982: Clarence Pearce and Betty Wonell, This photograph is marked as being taken by local photographer Peter Damroth; CDI-01-3983: Juanita Potts; CDI-01-3984:Carl "Woody" Catoe; CDI-01-3985: Carl "Woody" Catoe; CDI-01-3986: Carl "Woody" Catoe; CDI-01-3987: Carl W. Woody Catoe; CDI-01-3988: (Left) Rev. Donald Graham Myers and (Right) Garland Hendricks; CDI-01-3989: Anna Holden; CDI-01-3990: O.L. Cross and Grace Dean; CDI-01-3991: O.L. Cross and Grace Dean; CDI-01-3992: Jan Fountain
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  • 1970 to 1994
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    Communication Department Images - Series 1, Archives and Special Collections, Library at Southeastern, Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC.
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