SEBTS Conference - Selz Cabot Mayo November 2, 1982

  • This message was part of the Ministry with the Small Rural Church Workshop. Selz Cabot Mayo was an emeritus professor from North Carolina State University. The lecture begins with Mayo introducing himself, and he states that his lecture will be divided into two parts (00:00-01:00). In the first part of the lecture, Mayo discusses the changing statistics of rural and urban population growth, education, life expectancy, and cost of living over the past ten years (01:01-31:58). In the second part of the lecture, Mayo discusses the changes in the culture, specifically the fact that pastors know their parishioners less than they did in years past (31:59-43:13). Mayo opens for comments, observations, and questions (43:14-46:31).
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  • November 2, 1982
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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