Pictures of Former Visiting Instructors & Professors

  • CDI-01-2317: Brightie E. White Jr.; CDI-01-2318: Rosemary Mims, Adjunct Professor; CDI-01-2319: Dr. William B. Rogers Jr.; CDI-01-2320: Dr. Stewart A. Newman, This photograph is from circa 1960.; CDI-01-2321: Harley Cecil, Chaplain at the Murdoch Center; CDI-01-2322: Dwight L. Baker; CDI-01-2323: Anne Rosser; CDI-01-2324: Harley Cecil, Chaplain at the Murdoch Center, Butner, Victory Poject; CDI-01-2325: E. Luther Copeland, This photograph was possibly taken circa 1972; CDI-01-2326: Dr. David Meir; CDI-01-2327: Horace Russell; CDI-01-2328: J. Archie Hargraves; CDI-01-2329: Walter E. Sanders, Visiting Instructor; CDI-01-2330: Glenn A. Igleheart, The back of the photograph contains the following notation, "Please use credit title Home Board Photo"; CDI-01-2331: Albert J. Tittiger; CDI-01-2332: Roger A. Bullard, Visiting Instructor; CDI-01-2333: Jim Parker; CDI-01-2334: Marion G. (Bud) Fray Jr.; CDI-01-2335: Dr. Phillip Rodgers, Department of Missions Virginia Baptist General Board; CDI-01-2336: Charles S. Gatwood, Director of the Church Music Department, NC State Baptist Convention; CDI-01-2337: Thomas Edward Dougherty; CDI-01-2338: Dr. Anne Parks; CDI-01-2339: Sue Fitzgerald; CDI-01-2340: Dr. Edward E. Thornton, Lawrence & Charlotte Hoover Professor of Pastoral Care; CDI-01-2341: Ian Patterson, This photograph is possibly taken circa 1966; CDI-01-2342: Dr. John D. Cave, A. Div. Program, Fall 1979; CDI-01-2343: Keith Mee, Supervisor Church Media Library Department Baptist Sunday School Board; CDI-01-2344: Dr. Theron D. Price, Furman University; CDI-01-2345: Floyd A. Craig; CDI-01-2346: James Brad Chance, III; CDI-01-2347: Richard F. Ward; Written on the back of the photograph is the following note, "Richard Finley Ward is currently a doctoral candidate in Performance Studies at Northwestern University. He holds the Master of Fine Arts degree from Trinity University (in conjunction with the Dallas Theatre Center), the Master of Arts in Religion degree from the Christian Theological Seminary in Indianapolis, Indiana, and the Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech and Drama from Oklahoma Baptist University, Shawnee, Oklahoma. Richard has served as an Instructor of Speech and Drama at Oklahoma Baptist University, as the Assistant Director of the Repertory Theatre at Christian Theological Seminary, and as the Associate Pastor of White Harvest United Methodist Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. He has also worked as a professional actor and mime. Richard became a Christian at the age of 7 under the ministry of his father and mother while his father was a pastor of the Immanuel Baptist Church of Colonial Heights, Virginia. He has a life-long interest in communication processes. While in high school, Richard won several oratorical contests, preached regularly in area churches with youth revival teams, and began participating in theatre. Richard believes that the key to good ministry is good communication. The spoken Word is at the heart of the early Christian kerygma, "hearing" and "believing" being closely linked in early Christian evangelism. Attention to the arts helps the Christian re-constitute Word and points to avenues of grace within a fallen world. Richard is married to the former Jane Anne Ferguson, daughter of Dr. and Mrs. Milton Ferguson of Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. Jane Anne is an actress and teacher in Chicago."
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  • 1960 to 1994
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