Alumni: Officers 1980-1985

  • CDI-01-3345: (Left) Calvin Self and (Right) William Metcalf; CDI-01-3346: Alden Hicks (class of 1961) President of the Virginia alumni chapter, February 13, 1981; CDI-01-3347: Jim Auchmuty, Dr. Randall Lolley, James Baucom, and Paul Craven, 1981; CDI-01-3348: (Right) Jim Auchmuty 1960 National Alumni President with Dr. Jerry Niswonger, June 1980; CDI-01-3349: "Alumni officers got together on campus during the annual Pastors' Conference. Jim Auchmuty, Birmingham, Ala., national president, is at the far right." 1981; CDI-01-3350: Alumni Officer Curt Finch of Virginia, 1985; CDI-01-3351: Alumni Officer Marion D. Lark, 1986; CDI-01-3352: Alumni Officer Rex Kent of Alabama, 1987; CDI-01-3353: Alumni Officer Carl Davis of Tennessee, 1988; CDI-01-3354: Alumni Officer Michael C. Blackwell of North Carolina, 1989; CDI-01-3355: Alumni Officer Harry Armstrong of Florida, 1990; CDI-01-3356: Alumni Officer Wade Paris of Swope Park Baptist Church 2521 E. Meyer Blvd. Kansas City, Missouri 64132, 1991; CDI-01-3357: (Left) Bill Self, President-elect and (Right) Calvin Metcalf, President, 1982-1983; CDI-01-3358: (Left) Calvin Metcalf, President and (Right) Dr. Jerry Niswonger, 1982-1983; CDI-01-3359: (Left) Calvin Metcalf, President and (Right) Dr. Jerry Niswonger, 1982-1983
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  • 1980 to 1985
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