SEBTS Chapel - John Watson Shepard January 26, 1962

  • The service begins with prayer (00:00-02:39) and the reading of Luke 24:44-49 (02:40-04:06). There was no introduction for the speaker, Dr. John Watson Shepard, but he was Professor of Christian Ethics at Seinan Gakuin University in Fukuoka, Japan. In his message, he intends to go over the “why, what, and how” of our global mission task (04:07-07:07:22). The “why” of missions is simple from Scripture: the Lord has commanded and sent us, and the burden in us to share the good news of what has happened to us in Christ with the unbelieving is heavy (07:23-10:57). The “what” of missions, on one hand, is simply the gopsel; however, on the other hand, “how” we communicate that gospel across cultures can be difficult (10:58-17:45). Remarking further on the “how” of missions, we are witnesses and testify to that experience; we need to know the culture and language of the people we are among, but ultimately salvation belongs to the Lord (17:46-22:28). He ends in prayer (22:29-23:17).
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