Faculty Families circa 1950-1977

  • CDI-01-3848: "Dr. and Mrs. Ben Johnson shared in the singing of the song 'This Guy's in Love' "; CDI-01-3849: Faculty wives, Mrs. John Steely, Mrs. Ralph Herring (sister of Dr. James Tull) Mrs. Virginia Tull, and Mrs. Ruth Trotter, This photograph was taken in 1964.; CDI-01-3850: Dr. R.T. Daniel and wife; CDI-01-3851: Dr. and Mrs. John Wayland; CDI-01-3852: (Left) Assistant Librarian Chris Sizemore and (Right) Librarian Mr. Edwin Osburn in front of the library; CDI-01-3853: (Left) Dr. Edward McDowell with McDowell's new book; CDI-01-3854: "Dr. Robert Poerschke and his family. Betsy is a Junior in High School and "Kathy" a senior at Truman." ; CDI-01-3855: Ann Coker; CDI-01-3856: Poerschke Family; CDI-01-3857: Poerschke Family; CDI-01-3858: the Poerschke Family; CDI-01-3859: McKay Family; CDI-01-3860: "Dr. Robert T. Daniel, Professor of Old Testament Interpretation, looks over house plans and new house with Mrs. Daniel. Dr. Daniel's latest book, "How to Study the Psalms", was released in early summer. That eight professors have built new homes in Wake Forest is evidence of their faith in the future of Southeastern Seminary." This photograph was taken circa 1953.; CDI-01-3861: Dr. and Mrs. John Burder Hipps; CDI-01-3862: Daughter of Dr. Pope Duncan; CDI-01-3863: Daughter of Dr. Pope Duncan; CDI-01-3864: the Lovelace Family; CDI-01-3865: the Duncan children; CDI-01-3866: "Dr. John Burder Hipps, Professor of Missions, and Mrs. Hipps find relaxation in the study of migratory birds. They see many unusual ones in the wooded area at the back of their new home in Wake Forest."; CDI-01-3867: "Papa Duncan and family", This photograph was taken after 1958.; CDI-01-3868: Dr. John E. Steely, This photograph was featured in the 1970 September - October Outlook ; CDI-01-3869: the Lovelace family; CDI-01-3870: the Lovelace family; CDI-01-3871: the Hipps family; CDI-01-3872: Dr. and Mrs. John Burder Hipps, Mrs. Marc Lovelace, and Mrs. Olin Binkley; CDI-01-3873: the Lovelace family ; CDI-01-3874: the Green family; CDI-01-387: the Newman family; CDI-01-3876: Dr. and Mrs. John Burder Hipps, at Southeastern Seminary; CDI-01-3877: Mrs. David Mein and daughters, Missionary on furlough, Dr. David Mein, taught Church History from 1965-1966; CDI-01-3878: Mrs. R. T. Daniel and sons; CDI-01-3879: The Binkleys; CDI-01-3880: Dr. Raymond Bryan Brown and his wife, This photograph was taken before December 16, 1977; CDI-01-3881: Dr. and Mrs. Donald Cook; CDI-01-3883: Dr. and Mrs. Thorwald Lorenzen, This photograph was taken circa 1972-1974; CDI-01-3884: Dr. and Mrs. William Strickland; CDI-01-3885: Mrs. Hannah Scoggin; CDI-01-3886: Dr. David Mein and his family, This photograph was probably taken circa December 1965; CDI-01-3887: Dr. Donald Cook and his family; CDI-01-3888: the Poerschke Family; CDI-01-3889: Dr. and Mrs. I.N. Patterson, Missionaries to Nigeria, This photograph was taken when he was a visiting professor on campus; CDI-01-3890: Dr. Stewart Newman, This photograph was taken circa 1953; CDI-01-3891: Dr. Archie Nations, This photograph was taken December 1968; CDI-01-3892: the Lovelace family, This photograph was taken circa 1953; CDI-01-3893: Dr. and Mrs. Marc Lovelace,This photograph is featured in the 1974 August Outlook
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  • 1950 to 1977
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