SEBTS Chapel - James Leo Green September 22, 1965

  • Various verses of the Bible are read (00:19-01:10), and an opening prayer occurs (01:26-02:44). Hymn #340, “The Prayer Hymn” is sung in worship (03:00-05:37). There is no introduction for Dr. Green, but he was Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at SEBTS. Dr. Green begins his message with a contemplation of whether or not we as God’s children may bring our personal needs/concerns to Him, concluding that we can (05:38-08:05). He also mentions the distinctive quality of his subject, intercessory prayer—involving not only our needs but primarily the needs of others—as he cites Romans 8:26 to say that the Holy Spirit also intercedes on our behalf to the Father (08:06-11:25). Dr. Green lists some prerequisites of intercessory prayer, such as three theological foundations: we come from God and are utterly dependent on Him in this life; we are unified to one another in Christ even if we are not present with each other; and we belong to God as His children (11:26-21:16) Lastly, Dr. Green speaks about the price of intercessory prayer, including its intensely social aspect and its highly unselfish nature (21:17-21:50). Intercessory prayer for someone else is incomplete without praying God’s will to be done in yourself as well (21:51-26:41). He then closes the service in prayer (26:42-27:11).
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