SEBTS Chapel - Ben Sigel Johnson September 24, 1969

  • The service begins with the reading of Psalm 95:1-3 (00:00-00:36), a prayer (00:37-02:44), and responsive reading #26 (02:45-05:04). There was no introduction for Ben Sigel Johnson, but he was Professor of Music at SEBTS. His address focuses on music and worship in the place of chapel and the local church (05:05-05:39). He references the worship mentioned in the Old Testament Scriptures to emphasize that leading others in worship through musical instruments and singing has the same focus now as then—to bring the glory of the Lord into the house of God (05:40-07:22). He makes a brief announcement about the need for more choir members for both the men’s choir and the mixed choir (07:23-08:17), and he also employs suggestions from John Wesley’s words for the congregation in worship (08:18-10:35). Johnson adds an additional congregational admonition for SEBTS, synchronizing the singing across the entire chapel based on the delay between the played note and the received sound (10:36-12:02). He ends his time by leading the congregation in singing hymn #182 [no audio] before the service ends with instrumental music (12:03-13:24).
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