SEBTS Chapel - James W. Fowler March 23, 1983

  • James W. Fowler was a theologian and Professor of Theology and Human Development in the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. This chapel was the first part of the Spring Lectures in March 1983 and titled “Gifting the Imagination of Children.” Chapel opens in prayer (0:00-0:53). Dr. Fowler, the Spring Lecture speaker, is introduced (0:53-5:20). Dr. Fowler beings his lecture by reading Ephesians 4 (5:20-8:00). He states that he wishes to look at gifting the imagination and how to help awaken children’s faith using a developmental approach (8:00-10:55). Dr. Fowler discusses how he and his associates have studied the developmental process of faith and his focus during this lecture on stages of faith (10:55-13:33). Dr. Fowler uses a story to briefly transition to the next stage of the lecture (13:33-16:18). Dr. Fowler overviews the stages of development and how these stages provide different opportunities to help develop faith (16:18-50:23). Dr. Fowler gives the audience a few cautions regarding the stages he’s discussed in relation to faith (50:23-52:00). He concludes his lecture by revisiting the childhood stages and families’ gifts to children’s imagination (52:00-1:01:39). An announcement is made about further lectures by Dr. Fowler and chapel is dismissed with a benediction (1:01:39-1:02:41).
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  • March 23, 1983
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