Faculty: Groups circa 1950-1992

  • CDI-01-3746: Dr. Robert E. Poerschke, November 1968; CDI-01-3747: May 1974; CDI-01-3748: (Left) Dr. Eugene McLeod, (Center back) Delos Miles, and (Right) Dr. Thomas McKibbens; CDI-01-3749: (Left to right) Bruce Powers, Dr. John Durham, Dr. Ben Johnson, Dr. George Braswell, and Dr. Robert Dale; CDI-01-3750: Lloyd Neal and Dr. William Clemmons; CDI-01-3751: Dr. John Wayland, November 1968; CDI-01-3752: Trustee Sam Allen, December 1971; CDI-01-3753: Bruce Powers, Dr. Thomas Halbrooks, and Dr. William Clemmons; CDI-01-3754: Dr. Garland Hendricks, This photograph was taken sometime between September 1963 to 1973; CDI-01-3755: Dr. George Braswell, September 1973; CDI-01-3756: Dr. Edward McDowell; CDI-01-3757: (Left to right) Dr. Randall Lolley, Dr. Thomas McKibbens signing Principle of Abstracts, Dr. Morris Ashcraft; CDI-01-3759: (Back to front) Dr. John Wayland, James Blackmore, Dr. John Carlton, Dr. I.N. Patterson, Dr. E. Luther Copeland, and Dr. Olin T. Binkley during Graduation and or Convocation; CDI-01-3760: Dr. Edward McDowell, Dr. M. Ray McKay; CDI-01-3761: Dr. Edward McDowell; CDI-01-3762: Dr. George Shriver; CDI-01-3763: Dr. Thorwald Lorenzen, visiting Professor; CDI-01-3764: (Middle) Dr. and Mrs. Edward McDowell; CDI-01-3765: Dr. George Shriver; CDI-01-3766: (Left) Dr. Thorwald Lorenzen and (Right) Ted James; CDI-01-3767: President of Regents Park, Oxford, England, visiting professor, Barrington R. White, April 15-18, 1968 ; CDI-01-3768: Dr. Edward McKay; CDI-01-3769: Dr. Marc Lovelace teaching in a classroom; CDI-01-3770: Max Smith; CDI-01-3771: Dr. Ellis Hollon, This photograph was featured in the November - December 1968 Outlook; CDI-01-3772: Dr. Edward McDowell; CDI-01-3773: Rena Bland, Dr. Thomas A. Bland's wife, This photograph, and the notice of her death, was used in July - August 1975 Outlook; CDI-01-3774: Dr. Garland Hendricks, This photograph was possibly taken between September 1963 and 1973; CDI-01-3775: Dr. Garland Hendricks, This photograph was taken between September 1963 and 1973; CDI-01-3776: Dr. Richard A. Spencer, This images was possibly taken circa 1968; CDI-01-3777: Dr. Colin Harris, December 1973; CDI-01-3778: Dr. Richard K. Young; CDI-01-3779: (From left) Bruce Powers, Dr. Thomas Halbrooks, and Dr. William Clemmons; CDI-01-3780: Dr. Elmo Scoggin and Dr. Delos Miles; CDI-01-3781: President Dr. Randall Lolley, Dr. George Braswell and and Dr. Richard A. Spencer, This photograph was possibly taken circa 1974; CDI-01-3782: Dr. Donald Moore, President Dr. Olin T. Binkley, and Dr. Robert Poerschke; CDI-01-3783: (From left) Dr. William Clemmons, Bruce Powers, and Dr. Robert Dale; CDI-01-3787: Dr. Delos Miles and Dr. Thomas Graves, This photograph was taken circa 1979-1987; CDI-01-3788: Dr. T. A. Bland, Dr. C. Michael Hawn, Dr. Thomas Graves, and Dr. Richard Hester; CDI-01-3789: March 01, 1971; CDI-01-3790: Dr. J. Leo Green and Dr. Edward McDowell; CDI-01-3791: Professor Dr. Raymond Bryan Brown; CDI-01-3792: H. Max Smith; CDI-01-3793: Dr. David Mein, Visiting Professor, This photograph was taken before November 1965; CDI-01-3794: Dr. David Mein; CDI-01-3795: H. Max Smith; CDI-01-3796: Elaine Nations, wife of Dr. Archie Nations, This photograph, and the notice of death, were used in July-August 1975 Outlook; CDI-01-3797: (From left) Dr. E. Luther Copeland, Dr. J. Carroll Trotter, Dr. B. Elmo Scoggin, and Dr. Raymond Brown; CDI-01-3798: "By-laws of Southeastern Seminary provide that members of faculty shall subscribe to the Abstract of Principles, and sign them as they begin their duties. The above picture was taken at the beginning of the session last fall. Left to right are Dr. Stewart A. Newman, Professor of Theology and Philosophy of Religion, Dr. Edward A. McDowell, Jr., Professor of New Testament Interpretation, Dr. Marc H. Lovelace, Associate Professor of Archeology, President Sydnor L. Stealey, Dr J. Leo Green, Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament Interpretation, Dr. Robert T. Daniel, Professor of Old Testament Interpretation, Dr. Olin T. Binkley, Professor of Christian Sociology and Ethics, and Dr. J. B. Hipps, Professor of Missions."; CDI-01-3799: Faculty Dinner; CDI-01-3800: (Left to Right) Dr. J. D. Grey, Dr. Robert T. Daniel, Dr. Stewart A. Newman; CDI-01-3801: Dr. M. Ray McKay and Dr. Edward A. McDowell standing in front of what is now named the Adams building; CDI-01-3802: Dr. Edward McDowell, Dr. M. Ray McKay; CDI-01-3803: Dr. Edward McDowell, Dr. M. Ray McKay; CDI-01-3804: Dr. James Good, Dr. Thomas Halbrooks, and Dr. Luke Smith signing the Seminary's Articles of Faith, This photograph was probably taken circa 1988; CDI-01-3805: Faculty in Hall of Presidents, This photograph was possibly taken between circa 1988 and 1992.; CDI-01-3806: Dr. David Mein, visiting professor; CDI-01-3807: Dr. David Mein , visiting professor; CDI-01-3808: This photograph was possibly taken circa 1987; CDI-01-3809: Faculty; CDI-01-3810: (Bottom row, second from the right) Bruce Powers
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  • 1950 to 1992
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