SEBTS Chapel - James R. Moseley September 30, 1969

  • There is silence (00:00-00:54) before the service opens in prayer (00:55-02:50). There is an introduction for Dr. James R. Moseley concerning his educational, working, and missional background. He was a medical missionary to Nigeria and became Seminary Physician, presenting his address entitled “My Personal Testimony” (02:51-05:12). He begins with cordialities and general information about his medical service at SEBTS (05:13-08:28). He admits not to know anything about theology or about church polity, but he intends to testify to God’s work in his life as he can best interpret it to be so (08:29-09:13). He was first called to missions in 1948, but he fought it and did not fully surrender to it until he heard a sermon about how he could make his best contribution to life (09:14-15:50). He worked with the Foreign Mission Board (now the International Mission Board) to go to Nigeria as a medical missionary, and he spends time telling key stories of his time there which impacted his life (15:51-27:47). The original speaker then comments on Dr. Mosely’s remarkable character traits to show even more of his authenticity (27:48-28:30) before concluding the service in prayer (28:31-28:54). Another prayer is offered in the audio (29:26-30:20).
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