Student Council 1960's

  • CDI-01-0085: Pres. Binkley Hal Littleton, S.C.C. President 1965-60; CDI-01-0086: Dinner at Dr. Binkley's home SCC 67-68; Dr. & Mrs. Binkley; CDI-01-0087: Fred Badders, Hal Littleton, Brady Surles; 1965-66; CDI-01-0088: Student Council Meeting 1964-5; CDI-01-0089: Rehearsal for S.C.C. Installation 1965-6 officers; Dr. Binkley 3rd from right; CDI-01-0090: Student Council 1966-67; Dr. Binkley center - front row; CDI-01-0091/0092: Student Council Jimmy Edwards, Chair. 62-63; CDI-01-0093: Dr. Binkley Jeffrey kelley, Pres. SCC 1967-68; Dinner at Dr. Binkley's home in honor of SCC; CDI-01-0094/0098: Student Coordinating Council 1965-66; CDI-01-0099: Student Council 1966-67; Dr. Binkley - front row second right; CDI-01-0100/0101: 1967-68 Student Coordinating Council; CDI-01-0102: Student Coordinating Council 1968-69; CDI-01-0103: SCC 67-68; Dinner at Dr. Binkley's home SCC - 67-68; Dr. Binkley seated right; CDI-01-0104: S.C.C. officers 1965-6; CDI-01-0105: 1966-67 Student Coordinating Council; Dr. Binkley middle front row; CDI-01-0106: S.C.C. 1966-67; CDI-01-0107: Student Government leaders for 1968-69; CDI-01-0108: General Chairman May 31, 1969 Joseph D. Coltrane Jr.; CDI-01-0109: coordinating council - student organization Southeastern Seminary; left to right, Peggy Ann Poore, Honea Path, S.C. - Sec. Treas., Joseph D. Coltrane Jr. - High Point - general chairman, Leroy Fitts - pastor in Jacksonville - vice chairman; Southeastern Seminary new officers Poore, Coltrane, Fitts; May 31, 1969; CDI-01-0110: Jim Winslow, Temple Myers, Ron Medlin (on table) SCC elections, Spring '69; Spring 1969; CDI-01-0111: 1969-70; CDI-01-0112: Student Coordinating Council - 1969-1970; CDI-01-0113: Installation of 1965-6 S.C.C. officers; Dr. Binkley right; CDI-01-0114: Student Council 62-63; CDI-01-0115: S.C.C. Meeting 1965-6
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  • CDI-01-0085/0115
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  • 1960 to 1969
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