SEBTS Spring Conference - Findley Bartow Edge March 25, 1982

  • Findley Bartow Edge was the Basil Manley Jr. Professor of Christian Education at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The service begins with a word of prayer (00:00-00:50). Findley Bartow Edge is introduced as the Spring Conference lecturer (00:51-04:25). Edge begins his lecture by speaking about his love for the faculty at Southeastern, and he says that his lecture will be about the complicated subject of “renewal” in the church (04:26-10:13). Edge speaks about the traditionalism of church life in his childhood, and he says that renewal for the church must come through an examination of the church through history (10:14-28:01). Edge identifies seven stages through which renewal movements operate, and they are birth, organizational development, hated sect, toleration & acceptance, popularity, centralization, and institutionalization (28:02-52:31). Edge concludes his lecture with a question about where Southern Baptists are on the continuum of renewal (52:32-54:19). Edge ends the service with a word of prayer (54:20-55:57).
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  • March 25, 1982
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