SEBTS Spring Conference - Reuel L. Howe March 24, 1982

  • Reuel L. Howe was a professor of pastoral theology and founder of the Institute for Advanced Pastoral Studies in Bloomfield Hills, MI. The service begins with President Randall Lolley giving a word of prayer (00:00-01:19). Reuel L. Howe is introduced as the Spring Conference speaker (01:20-03:12). Howe’s lecture is entitled “Survival Approaches to Ministry,” and he begins his lecture by thanking Southeastern for their cordiality during his visit (03:13-04:05). Howe first speaks about ministry burnout and how the Spirit’s energy is needed to transform lives (04:06-14:44). He then says that to resist burnout and other destructive forces in ministry is a healthy examination of oneself and healthy expectations for the future and for relationships, and he list expectations to examine carefully (14:45-24:11). Howe speaks about the importance of communication in ministry, and he says that minister’s must be great listeners and one’s who strive for reconciliation (24:12-29:38). Howe concludes his lecture by speaking about love, and he highlights the importance of unity, inclusion, and ecumenicism in the modern church (29:39-36:20).
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  • March 24, 1982
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