SEBTS Student Missions Conference - February 19, 1967

  • An unnamed female speaker begins the address entitled “Faith Dispersed” by telling a story about two creatures and taming. She transitions into how Jesus has tamed human hearts and how our evangelistic process must be a sort of taming (waiting some time while patiently pursuing someone’s trust) as we build bridges in love and understand their struggles in empathy (00:00-11:00). Next, James Y. Green follows up the initial address with an extension of the same title, “Faith Dispersed,” in which he calls his listeners to “jump in” to the world of God’s global mission (11:01-17:34). He mentions pre-requisites, essential presuppositions, and an understanding of suffering that we must have before we can “go out” on mission (17:35-19:13). We must understand not only who we are as Christians but also the social structures we are going into; we must know the presupposition that God is working actively in the world outside of the walls of a church building (19:14-24:59). Also, we must know the value of what we are sharing, not only in personal morality but also in concern for the world (25:00-35:21). We must go out in dispersion in response to the powerful sending God, even the Lord Jesus Christ; our dispersion must be done in relationship with the living God and in relationship with the community of the saints (35:22-40:46). Two reasons for dispersal are an assurance of the significance of being sons of God along with the concern for the world having been (and being) the objects of God’s concern (40:47-44:50). He ends his time in prayer (44:51-45:38), and the service ends with music (45:39-48:38).
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