SEBTS Carver-Barnes Lecture - Walter B. Shurden November 4, 1980

  • Walter B. Shurden was Professor of Church History at The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. The service begins with a word of prayer (00:00-00:50). Walter B. Shurden is introduced as the Carver-Barnes Lecturer (00:51-06:25). Shurden’s lecture is entitled “The Southern Baptist Synthesis: Is it Cracking,” and he begins by stating that Southern Baptists have built a synthesis that began in the eighteenth century that is starting to erode (06:26-11:12). He states that the Southern Baptist tradition began in Charleston, SC, and that tradition had five characteristics: pietistic puritanism, Calvinistic confessionalism, quasi connectionism, church liturgicalism, and a commitment to theological education, all defined by order (11:13-18:10). Shurden then moves to the Sandy Creek tradition of Southern Baptists which was defined by its ardor, and it had four characteristics: revivalism, charismatic ministry, rugged independence, and strict biblicism (18:11-25:04). He then speaks about the Georgia tradition of Southern Baptists which was defined by local color, and this tradition was characterised by denominationalism and sectionalism (25:05-31:10). He then speaks about the Tennessee tradition of Southern Baptists which was defined by questionable honor, and this tradition gave Southern Baptist a sense of identity based on a fallacious history (31:11-33:18). Shurden believes that denominationalism won out and brought these four traditions together, but denominationalism is under attack (33:19-40:17). He believes there have been four stress points that is bringing cracks to the Southern Baptist synthesis, and these stress points are cultural stress, denominational stress, and financial stress (40:18-45:14). Shurden concludes his lecture by stating that the Southern Baptist synthesis is not breaking, but it is being reshaped (45:15-48:05). The service ends with a word of prayer (48:06-49:01).
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