SEBTS Chapel - G. Avery Lee February 11, 1966

  • There was no formal introduction for G. Avery Lee, but he was pastor of St. Charles Avenue Baptist Church in New Orleans, Louisiana, and focused his ministry on college/seminary campuses. He made dedicated commitments to bettering race relations and served as Chairman of the Christian Life Commission from 1961-62. He gives various introductory courtesies (00:00-02:56), and his sermon builds from his previous sermon on February 10, 1966, focusing on “The Acceptable Year of the Lord” taken from John 12:27 (02:57-03:20). Lee outlines key facets of making this year (1966) the acceptable year of the Lord. Firstly, we must take seriously the explosion in knowledge and its effects on our seminaries and economy (03:21-12:41). Secondly, we must have an acute sense of responsibility, which Lee thinks is our top weakness in our churches and as a society (12:42-20:12). Thirdly, our Christian development must give us a sense of concern as we seek to avoid both conformity and complacency. He focuses this point on global missions, encouraging his listeners that obedience, not results, is what God requires of us (20:13-34:32). He closes the service in prayer (34:33-36:17).
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