SEBTS Conference - C. Y. Dossey November 7, 1962

  • C. Y. Dossey was Associate Superintendent of Evangelism for the Home Mission Board. The service opens with Dr. Stealey introducing the speaker from 0:00-3:02. Dr. Hopkins prays for the service from 3:07-4:07. President Stealey offers an apology for his absence in the last chapel service from 4:07-4:43. Dr. Dossey preaches on the importance of evangelism. Dossey states that the heart of Christianity is evangelism and that a good indicator of if you are a Christian or not is answering if you have borne fruit for Christ by sharing your faith with others. Dossey's sermon was titled "Fruit Bearing." Dr. Dossey speaks from 4:44-24:51. President Stealey closes the service in prayer from 24:59-25:27.
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  • November 7, 1962
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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