SEBTS Carver-Barnes Lecture - Theron D. Price April 13, 1961

  • The service begins with prayer (00:00-02:08), and President Stealey gives an introduction for Dr. Theron D. Price, the pastor of Wornall Road Baptist Church in Kansas City, MO (02:09-05:34). Dr. Price opens with brief formalities (05:35-11:40), and the subject of his lecture was the Church’s world mission, entitled “Immortal Tidings in Your Mortal Hands” (11:41-12:56). Man, morality, and God are interpretable only from the perspective of Calvary (12:57-14:47). Two statements about the gospel must be made: there is one dominating Way which gives all of history its direction, and Jesus of Nazareth is that Way. To be “Christian” is to be “on mission,” and the Church and mission are one (14:48-27:14). What God has to say to the world is Christ in the gospel (27:15-36:02). The Church, then, is mission, and the gospel is aimed at the whole world (36:03-52:25). In conclusion, he reads a poem by Mississippi planter and poet, William Alexander Pearcey (52:26-54:25), before ending in prayer (54:26-55:20). Organ music ends the service (55:21-55:37).
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  • April 13, 1961
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