SEBTS Spring Lecture - John H. Westerhoff, III March 18, 1981

  • John H. Westerhoff was Professor of Religion and Education at Duke University and an Episcopal priest. The service begins with a reading from John 1 and a word of prayer (00:00-01:20). John H. Westerhoff, III is introduced as the Spring Lecturer (01:21-02:48). Westerhoff begins his lecture by stating his addressing issues of the context and process of catechetics, and he addresses the issue of faith as perception (02:49-14:36). Westeroff’s first point is faith, and its perception is tied to the community (14:37-21:49). Westerhoff second point is about the community of faith, and the five criteria of community are a common memory, common vision, common rituals, common norms, and common life together (21:50-44:30). Westerhoff concludes his lecture with a story of a baptism in a church in Latin America (44:31-49:59). The service ends with a word of prayer (50:00-50:31).
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  • March 18, 1981
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