Dr. Robert Naylor interview

  • Dr. Robert Naylor was President Emeritus of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The interview begins with Dr. Naylor giving a background of his life in ministry (00:00-04:25). He speaks about his time as a trustee at Southwestern in the last year of the presidency of L.R. Scarborough and in the presidencies of E.D. Head and J. Howard Williams (04:26-06:15). Dr. Naylor believes that the Great Depression and World War II were great blessings for Southern Baptists in helping them unify and see the need for missions (06:16-09:09). He also believes that the events of the early 20th century helped Baptist financially (09:10-11:26). Dr. Naylor speaks about the growth of the seminaries after World War II and how the time oversees fighting prepared many Southern Baptist for international missions (11:27-15:20). Dr. Naylor talks about the “75 Million Campaign,” and he praises L.R. Scarborough for his contribution to the post-war growth of Southern Baptist’s initiatives (15:21-18:56). Dr. Naylor believes that Southwestern has made a great contribution for Southern Baptists regarding evangelism and missions (18:57-21:06). He believes that the converts made during the mid-century ultimately made a great impact on world missions (21:07-22:38). The interview concludes with Dr. Naylor speaking on the culmination of events of the early 20th century led to the great evangelism and missions push of Southern Baptists in the later 20th century (22:39-24:30).
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