SEBTS Chapel - J. Ralph Noonkester November 29, 1983

  • J. Ralph Noonkester was the President of William Carey College. The service begins with organ music (00:00-03:11). The speaker leads the audience in a responsive reading, and he gives a word of prayer (03:12-04:40). J. Ralph Noonkester is introduced as the chapel speaker (04:41-06:41). The choir sings the anthem (06:42-09:59). Noonkester begins his sermon by speaking about how so many of his former classmates and professor have ended up becoming part of the faculty and staff of Southeastern (10:00-12:24). Noonkester titles his sermon “Old Wine in New Skins,” and he speaks about the importance of Christian collegiate education for missions to the marginalized and the training of the laymen (12:25-42:01). The service ends with a benediction (42:02-42:40).
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  • November 29, 1983
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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