SEBTS Convocation of the Laity April 26 to 28, 1984

  • The service begins with an announcement about the schedule of speakers, which include Michael Hawn, associate professor of Church Music, and Bob Sphinx, assistant to the president for financial development (0:00:00-0:01:50). Hawn leads the audience in two hymns (0:01:51-0:05:45). Sphinx delivers the Scripture reading from 1 Corinthians 12, and he gives a word of prayer (0:05:46-0:11:56). The chairman of the development council at Southeastern delivers his testimony of faithful living at his job in Virginia (0:11:57-0:25:21). Bill Deal, a Lutheran layman from Pennsylvania, delivers a sermon on the principles of the Christian life and reflections on ministering in the marketplace (0:25:22-1:22:00). Hawn leads the audience in a song of worship (1:22:01-1:25:20). Malcolm Tolbert, professor of New Testament studies, conducts a Bible study entitled “All Are Gifted,” and his main idea is how spiritual gifts correspond and serve to strengthen the body of Christ, which is the church (1:25:21-2:04:50). The speaker gives an announcement about available seating near the front of the sanctuary (2:04:51-2:06:10). Richard Broholm, executive director of the ministry of the laity at Andover Theological School, is introduced as the next guest speaker (2:06:11-2:08:49). Broholm delivers a message where he encourages churches to uplift the position of the laity and make their daily ministries known to the body (2:08:50-2:56:21). Sphinx gives a brief word about technology, and the convocation ends with a few concluding announcements about lunch (2:56:22-3:03:19).
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  • April 26, 1984 to April 28, 1984
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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