SEBTS Chapel - James W. Fowler March 24, 1983

  • James W. Fowler was a theologian and Professor of Theology and Human Development in the Candler School of Theology at Emory University. This chapel was the second part of the Spring Lectures in March 1983 and titled “Covenant, Vocation, and Adult Development.” Chapel is opened in prayer and the Spring Lecture speaker, Dr. Fowler, is introduced (0:00-0:53). Dr. Fowler states that the focus of his lecture will be to respond to adult developmental theories and what it means to be human with the concepts of covenant and vocation (0:53-2:58). He discusses how faith in Christ frees humans to take on vocation and be in covenant with God. (2:58-11:00). He states that human vocation is to become partners in God’s creative, governing, and redemptive work (11:00-14:53). He notes that vocation and identity are closely linked and clarifies that vocation is the response of a person to the calling to partnership with God (14:53-23:25). Dr. Folwer contrasts vocation with destiny (23:25-29:38). He suggests that vocation in community is a better approach in life than pursual of destiny or self-actualization (29:38-35:23). Finally, he notes that vocation is dynamic (35:23-37:02). He concludes his lecture with thoughts on the relationship between pastoral care, specifically preaching and prayer, with vocation and covenant (37:02-52:57). Dr. Fowler is thanked for his lecture and time on campus (52:57-53:20).
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