Binkley Chapel History Book Photos 1963-1992

  • CDI-01-1192: Dr. and Mrs. Olin T. Binkley during the Binkley Inauguration; CDI-01-1193: This photograph was probably taken 1963 -1964; CDI-01-1194: President Dr. Olin T. Binkley during the Binkley Inauguration, (Left to right) Dr. Olin T. Binkley, Dr. K. O. White and Dr. E. A. McDowell, Jr., This photograph was probably taken 1963 - 1964; CDI-01-1195: Missionary Aid Fund, Mrs. J. F. Tompkins; CDI-01-1197: Missionary to Cuba, J. David Fite, Alumni; CDI-01-1199: (Left to right) Dr. and Mrs. Olin Binkley, 1968; CDI-01-1200: Girls' dorm; CDI-01-1201: Mackie Hall Dedication; CDI-01-1202: Mackie Hall Dedication; CDI-01-1203: Graduation (Left) Pauline Binkley and (Right) Dr. Olin Binkley, 1966; CDI-01-1206: Missions Conference, This photograph was possibly taken in 1960, (Left) Emily Landsell; CDI-01-1207: Fort Bragg Course at the Fort Bragg Extension Center, (Left to right) Chaplain Robert Floyd, Reverend A.C. Jones, Dr. Denton Coker, Chaplain Donald E. Bloor, and Reverend Robert L. Tilley; This photograph was possibly taken 1963 - 1964.; CDI-01-1208: Wake Forest Baptist Church, 1967
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  • CDI-01-1192/1208
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  • 1963 to 1992
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