SEBTS Chapel - H. Eugene McLeod September 23, 1969

  • The speaker and congregation gathered reads aloud the purpose statement of SEBTS (00:00-00:43), the speaker reads Psalm 124:8 and Psalm 100:4b-5 (00:44-01:17), and the speaker prays twice (01:18-02:19). Those gathered read a responsive reading together (02:20-03:25), and the speaker reads various texts of Scripture aloud (03:26-05:40). There was no introduction for H. Eugene McLeod, but he was Assistant Professor of Bibliography at SEBTS. He begins by describing the seminary’s high priority on chapel and gathering for corporate worship weekly because corporate worship is pivotal in the development of theological education (05:41-09:40). After describing the nature of the community of a collegiate or seminarial environment, McLeod discusses that community is an essential component in the development of students which must be balanced with schoolwork (09:41-14:55). Unless students attend to the Word preached to them, they will show a flight away from both God and self (14:56-17:57). McLeod concludes by reading from Robert W. Duke on his article “Seminary Worship” (17:58-19:24). He ends with a silent time of response for self-giving (19:25-20:15) and prayer (20:16-20:30). A responsive reading is read (20:31-21:53), and a final prayer is given (21:54-22:46). McLeod gives a final benediction (22:47-23:25).
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  • September 23, 1969
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