SEBTS Faculty Lecture - G. Thomas Halbrooks November 17, 1982

  • G. Thomas Halbrooks was Professor of Church History. The service begins with a word of prayer (00:00-01:00). The title and theme of the faculty lecture is “Coming to and Growing in Faith,” and the speaker introduces Dr. William P. Clemmons, Dr. G. Thomas Halbrooks, and Dr. Bruce P. Powers as the faculty lectures (01:01-02:43). Genesis 1 and John 1 are publicly read, and Clemmons & Halbrooks trace the development of teaching and living out the faith in the history of the church from Patristic, to Medieval, to Reformation and Post-Reformation (02:44-28:16). Powers traces the development of Baptist faith education, and he examines some developmental psychological methods on the role of faith in children (28:17-45:02). The service ends with a benediction (45:03-45:43).
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  • November 17, 1982
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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