SEBTS Chapel - Keith Edwards December 15, 1960

  • Dr. Stealey begins with a brief word (00:00-00:50) and a prayer (00:51-04:22). An introduction is given for Keith Edwards, who was a missionary to Nigeria as well as a physician and a surgeon (04:23-06:02). Colossians 3:11 is read aloud before Dr. Edwards gives the message (06:03-06:35). Dr. Edwards begins by suggesting that our concept of missions and missionaries is inaccurate. He proceeds to describe personal experiences of his missionary work in Nigeria (06:36-15:23). He emphasizes that there is no difference in death for people regarding different skin color or attire, and he reflects on the understanding Christ has for our sorrows (15:24-17:18:05). He ends in prayer (18:06-19:22).
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  • December 15, 1960
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