Conferences at SEBTS circa 1975-1988

  • CDI-01-4247: Convocation of the Laity, April 26-28, 1984; CDI-01-4248: "Small group discussions gave participants to share and hear experiences and ideas for lay ministry."Laity Convocation, April 26-28 1984; CDI-01-4249: Convocation of the Laity, April 26-28, 1984; CDI-01-4250: "Richard Broholm, executive director, Center for the Ministry of the Laity, Boston, Massachusetts. Discusses barriers/enablers to lay ministry."; CDI-01-4251: Convocation of the Laity, April 26-28, 1984; CDI-01-4254: circa 1975-1976, 1975-1976 marks a year long giving celebration of the 25th year of Seminary; CDI-01-4255: (Far left) Rod Byard and Dr. Randall Lolley having a discussion.; CDI-01-4258: Photograph in the May-June 1977 Outlook; CDI-01-4259: Southern Baptist Convention, 1982; CDI-01-4260: Will Tomlinson, Newport News, Virginia, Jerry L. Niswonger (SEBTS graduate 1957), and Edgar Ferrell (SEBTS graduate 1957) in Black Mountains, NC. Photograph taken circa March-April 1973
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  • CDI-01-4247/4260
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  • 1975 to 1988
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