SEBTS Chapel - Julius Carroll Trotter, Jr. October 1, 1969

  • The service begins with the reading of the sermon text, Luke 16:19-31 (00:00-02:55). Julius Carroll Trotter, Jr., Professor of Preaching and Speech at SEBTS, introduces himself, and personal identifiable information mentioned in the chapel service has been redacted (02:56-04:29). His message centers on the idea of personhood, specifically of personhood which has been overlooked as less important (04:30-09:49). This condition arises because men sometimes are motivated by a false sense of values, even religious traditions. These chasms between men are not placed by God or the will of man, but they simply exist (09:50-15:06). If we allow something that we hold onto to become a divisive factor between us and our fellow men, something happens to us as persons. When we treat or make another person into this or that, we become those things ourselves, losing part of our personhood in the process (15:07-19:50). The remedy for this, according to the parable, is the one who rose from the dead according to the Scriptures, even Jesus Christ; we sometimes fit into each of the men mentioned in the parable, but we must be the carriers of this gospel if anyone not knowing about it will come to know about it (19:51-25:07). He ends his time in prayer (25:08-25:47).
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