SEBTS Convocation - Pope Alexander Duncan January 18, 1962

  • The service begins with the reading of various Scriptures (00:00-00:35) and prayer (00:36-02:10). An introduction is given for Dr. Pope Alexander Duncan, the speaker, according to his character and scholarly background, and his message title is “What We May Learn from the Anabaptists.” He was Professor of Church History at SEBTS (02:11-05:02). He begins his time with three presuppositions: Anabaptists as a whole were noble, sincere Christians (05:03-07:34), Baptists find a certain spiritual kinship with the Anabaptists (07:35-08:22), and Baptists are not Anabaptists (08:23-09:17). He then makes two observations, namely that we can be most discerning about that which we can objectify, and the Anabaptists provide a group from which we can learn much objectively (09:18-11:27). The main discussion of the lecture focuses on what the Anabaptists can teach us, such as: the church is a pure and free community subject to pride and fragmentation apart from unity in Christ (11:28-19:51); church discipline should be enforced in every local assembly without invoking the arm of the state for the purpose of restoring 1st-century Christianity as opposed to reforming from the Roman Catholic Church (19:52-28:35); their devotion and consecration enabled them to rejoice even in suffering and in martyrdom, and they set their eyes on the chiliastic (thousand-year) return and reign of Christ (28:36-40:06); negatively, their stubbornness to relax certain non-essential Biblical convictions caused divisions between them and the world as well as among themselves (40:07-45:47); they taught the value of lay-leadership and the danger of uneducated and unstable leadership (45:48-46:34); and finally, they warn us of the danger of Biblicism (46:35-52:10). The service ends in prayer (52:11-52:29).
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