SEBTS Chapel - Thomas Albert Bland March 12, 1992

  • Thomas Albert Bland was Professor of Christian Ethics and Sociology. There is first a reading from the Bible about God’s faithfulness followed by prayer (0:00-3:31). Dr. Bland begins by reading Luke 9:28-36 about the Mount of Transfiguration (3:31-5:42). He then reviews Peter’s acknowledgement of Jesus as Lord just before this passage, but his ultimate denial of Jesus’s claim that Jesus would soon die. Dr. Bland states that today it is still hard for some to accept the reality of Jesus’s mission on the cross (5:42-8:42). He then discusses the Mount of Transfiguration and how on the mountain God commanded them to listen to Jesus (8:42-11:28). Dr. Bland says that this call to listen to Jesus is the same command to us today in a world where many different voices cry out (11:28-14:57). He then tells the story of Dr. William Louis Poteat, previous president of Wake Forest College, and his call for people to look for Christ (14:57-17:04). Dr. Bland gives one last charge for the audience to take up their cross and follow and listen to Jesus (17:04-22:56). He then gives a closing prayer (22:56-23:28).
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  • March 12, 1992
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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