President Lolley Inauguration Luncheon March 11, 1976

  • A recording of the luncheon from the inauguration of William Randall Lolley. This luncheon was a smaller gathering of friends and faculty following the ceremony that inaugurated Dr. W. Randall Lolley as the third President of SEBTS. Dr. Charles Granger provided the Invocation from 0:40-1:30. Dr. John William Eddins opened with a greeting and acknowledgements from 1:38-7:05. The main address was given by Dr. Lois V. Edinger who gave a speech on the importance of Religion and Education from 9:30-42:32. President Lolley expressed his gratitude for everyone from 42:45-43:19. Mr. Tom E. Lolley closed with the Benediction from 43:25-44:33.
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  • March 11, 1976
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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