SEBTS Chapel - James Leo Green December 15, 1961 B

  • The service begins with the reading of Isaiah 9:2-7 (00:00-01:41) and prayer (01:42-03:34). There was no introduction for the speaker, James Leo Green, but he was Professor of Hebrew and Old Testament at SEBTS. He begins his message with a story of a star pointing to Jesus Christ (03:35-06:15). Since the perfect star has five points, and since there are five points made about the Messiah from Isaiah’s prophecy, the two should be linked together, according to Dr. Green (06:16-06:34). First, Jesus’s name would be called Wonderful, and His character matched this perfectly (06:35-14:05). Second, Jesus’s name would be called Counselor, referring to His wisdom (14:06-19:44). Third, Jesus would be mighty God, referring to His power which could only come from God (19:45-27:00). Fourth, Jesus would be called Everlasting Father, referring to His personal relation with His people (27:01-28:36). Fifthly, Jesus’s name would be Prince of Peace, referring to His peace with God He would purchase for humans through His death on the cross (28:37-33:52). He ends his time in prayer (33:53-34:20).
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