SEBTS Chapel - Student Revival April 20, 1983

  • At the time of this recording Tommy Tillery was a second year ADiv student at Southeastern. The title of this message was “Too Far, Too Long.” Chapel begins with a congregational reading (0:00-0:57). Introductions of the various leaders of the chapel service are given (0:57-3:07). Another speaker brings prayer requests for various students (3:07-4:40). Students lead in song (4:40-8:33). The audience is led in a prayer of confession (8:33-10:12). A student shares his personal testimony with a focus on finding one’s purpose (10:12-18:14). Students lead in the song “Consider the Lilies” (18:14-21:45). Tommy Tillery introduces his sermon focused on Genesis 3:1-5 and reads the passage to teach on temptation and sin (21:45-23:57). He discusses the destruction of sin, its damage to witness and ministry, and the importance of being obedient to Christ (23:57-41:18). Mr. Tillery closes in prayer (41:18-42:28).
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  • April 20, 1983
  • Wake Forest (N.C.)
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