SEBTS Faculty Lecture - R. Logan Carson May 2, 2001

  • R. Logan Carson was Senior Professor of Christian Theology. Carson begins his lecture by giving it the title “Forever Blowing Bubbles: A Look at Life Under the Sun” (00:00-01:04). He gives an overview of Ecclesiastes and its background (01:05-03:30). He states that Ecclesiastes has wisdom as its main theme, but the wisdom of Ecclesiastes challenges the wisdom spoken of in other books of Scripture, specifically Proverbs (03:31-13:46). He then moves to speak on the topic of Ecclesiastes’ authorship, and he argues against the idea that the book was inspired by Greek philosophy (13:47-27:40). Carson finally examines the theology of Ecclesiastes, and the audio ends with him explaining the books final point that death awaits all (27:41-43:29).
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  • May 2, 2001
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