SEBTS Chapel - Sherman Lewis May 2, 1969

  • The service begins with the reading of Psalm 118:24 (00:00-00:19), responsive reading #29 (00:20-01:57), and prayer (01:58-02:45). No introduction was given for Sherman Lewis, but he was a student at SEBTS. His message centers on Ezekiel 37:1-14, and he points out that the dead bones refer to the Jews in captivity in Babylon (02:46-06:21). He then relates this “deadness” to our current churches, in which many pastors simply desire to preach a sermon on Sunday but do not desire to cultivate the lives of those in their care (06:22-08:52). He also relates this “deadness” to the existence of racism as that which is not living—not behaving according to God’s good design. In this, he optimistically focuses on the sovereign rule of God and the promise of the restoration of these evils when love and peace will reign on the earth (08:53-11:44). We must be ready to deal with the difficult and oftentimes avoided circumstances in life as Christians who are bold because they know the Living God. We must be able to say “thus sayeth the Lord” in our own time (11:45-14:06). Lewis closes his time in prayer (14:07-15:59).
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