SEBTS Chapel - Alan Compton November 2, 1965

  • The service begins with the reading of Isaiah 40:31 and prayer (00:00-03:24), followed by announcements (03:25-9:59) and an introduction for Alan Compton concerning his education and ministry. He was a missionary and a representative of Radio and Television Works of Missionary Fields of Latin America (10:00-11:37). His message focuses on discipleship and the Great Commission, beginning by saying the Great Commission has lost emphasis in many Southern Baptist churches in America. Even its individualized interpretation over the years has resulted in talking about “what we are doing” instead of “what God is doing” (11:38-15:23). His text is taken from Acts 1, and he warns that discipleship has become the job of those called into professional ministry, when it is the necessary responsibility and call of God for every Christian. We can only have compassion for the world by being disciples of Jesus Christ, and we must be willing to go wherever God may call us (15:24-25:17). Obeying the Great Commission becomes less about what you do and more about the witness you become in Christ (25:18-27:29). We cannot depend on enthusiasm and faith by themselves to carry out this work, but we must depend on the Holy Spirit (27:30-34:43). He ends the service in prayer, but the words seem to cut out before he is done speaking (34:44-35:51).
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  • November 2, 1965
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